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Who Are King Auto Commercials, NZ?

If you would like to know who the number one wreckers of trucks, Utes, SUVs and 4×4’s in the North Island, NZ are, you need look no further than King Auto Commercials. Our scope extends all over New Zealand’s top half. We remove trucks in places such as Northland, the Waikato, all over Auckland, Bay of Plenty and the Coromandel, just to name a few.

There is nothing more important to us than making our customers experience pure unadulterated satisfaction. You don’t have to put up with that truck, 4×4 or Ute that has entered its junk stage any longer. Call us or fill out the form located on our main page.

Who are King Auto Commercials?

If you are looking for a broad variety of top-notch commercial auto wrecking and removal services, you need look no further than us. The amount and quality of experience, we have under our belts are beyond reproach. As a result, you can expect us to perform at a level of efficiency and professionalism that leaves all our competitors in the dust.

All the fat has been cut from the process, ensuring that it runs perfectly smoothly. Having a junk truck on your hands is no longer a problem with us on the scene. That truck is not only going to go to a better place, but you will get paid!

We want Your Broken down Truck

A lot of our competitors are in the business of buying junk trucks as well, but they will only buy selected brands. If you want to sell a make that they don’t buy, you are out of luck. Here at King Auto Commercials, we are so passionate about the exceptional nature of our services that we want everyone to experience them.

What better reason could we have for wanting to buy any vehicle from the truck variety that is offered to us? Maybe your truck is a 4×4 or a Ute. Maybe it is a Hino, or a Mack truck. Perhaps you are offering us a Scania, or a FUSO. Who-ever the manufacturer of you tuck is, you can confidently expect us to do the right thing and pay you good cash for it.

Our Team of Experts is Highly Skilled

We strive daily to ensure that Auto King Commercials are the premiere truck removal company of the North Island. One way to make this a reality is to hire the best team possible. Which is exactly what we have gone and done. So, what kind of awesome folk have we got working for us?

  • Top Quality Customer Service Providers – It is always important for any business to have a friendly face, because it puts the customer at ease. However, this has to be paired with a helpful demeanour along with a deep knowledge of the services they provide. Our customer service team has all of these qualities.
  • Truck Removal Specialists – Our truck removal team are experienced and professional to a fault. Is it the years of experience, or the innate talent that they have? Who knows? All we know is that you can’t beat the efficiency on display when our removal experts do their thing. If you need to know the definition of accomplished, look no further than our truck removal experts.
  • Truck Appraisal Experts – Getting an accurate estimation of how much your truck is worth is the important first step in selling your truck for top cash. Our appraisal experts do just that.


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