Truck Removal Service Locations

Are you currently in the ownership of a truck that has transformed, over the years, from a working vehicle, into a junk vehicle? King Auto Commercials want to buy it off you. If you want to sell it, that is. If you like owning a truck that needs repairs that are more costly than how much it is worth, good for you. However, for the rest of the junk truck owning population, you should get in touch with us here at King Auto Commercials! Our crew will even pick it up for free.

We offer this service for the good folk of the North Island to enjoy. We desire for everyone from Northland all the way to Wellington to be able to sell their totaled, damaged and junk trucks without any hindrance. Our team is absolutely devoted to providing all of our customers with the utmost in professionalism. And we know we can do so, due to our level of skill and talent. The following are some of our business locations:

4X4 Truck Removal Hamilton, Waikato

Are you under the mistaken impression that the 4×4 parked outside your house are of no value whatsoever? Now is the time to realize that you can sell it to us! Don’t dump it in a landfill, as you will be throwing away money. We will even remove it for free.

Farmers Truck Removal Northland

If you currently reside in Northland and have a broken down truck, did you know that it can easily make you some nice cash? Conversely, if the truck is in fine condition, we will still be happy to buy it. We will even pay up to $15000 for it!

Truck Removal North Shore

I’m sure we can all agree that living in the North Shore is nice. The last thing you want to see is a broken down old Ute on someone’s backyard. If it is your backyard, you may be surprised to learn that you can actually get some nice cash out of it. By contacting King Auto Commercials!

SUV Removals Papakura

Maybe you live in Papakura and you need to sell a 4×4 that is on its last legs. Perhaps you need to sell a Ute that runs perfectly well for some fast cash to pay off a debt. Whatever your motivations happen to be, contact us and your efforts will come to fruition.

Scrap Truck Removal South Auckland

Is your home in South Auckland? If so, and your old truck has suffered damage too extreme for repair, there is good news for you. King Auto Commercials will buy it off you within the space of one day. You just need to contact us and tell us the truck’s make and model, not to mention its age and condition as well.

Scrap Ute Wreckers Takanini

It is a common misconception that a truck, Ute or 4×4 that has been totaled or written off is no longer worth any money at all. King Auto Commercials are here to prove this wrong by buying your junk 4×4, truck or Ute off you for maximum amounts of cash.

4Wd Removals Albany

You should sell your junk truck. Don’t just leave it lying about somewhere in your place. If you do you are allowing it to pollute the ground with engine oil along with other substances. It is actually worth some money, so get in contact with us! We will pay you a good amount of cash.

Truck  Removal Manukau

If there are one thing lawns and driveways aren’t for, it is for the storage of old and badly damaged 4×4’s, Utes and trucks. The same goes for garages. Have you broken this rule? We will help you to make things right by buying that vehicle from you.

offroad Truck  Removal Waitakere

There is no easier way to make some fast cash to pay off a bill or a debt than to sell your truck to King Auto Commercials. We buy all kinds of trucks, regardless of what brand or type they are. At this point it is safe to say that we are NZ’s leading auto wrecking company, so contact us and get superior service!

Truck Removal New Lynn

Selling a truck that will not run anymore because it is in such a state of disrepair is normally quite hard. Nearly impossible. But not if you get in touch with us. Choose to sell your truck to King Auto Commercials and the process of selling will be a virtual cakewalk.

Truck Removal Avondale

Life in Avondale is a dream unless there is an unwanted truck lying about on your yard. Then it is a nightmare. That is until you contact us. We will come and save the day. Top cash and free removal are now a reality.

Commercial Truck Removal West Auckland

If your idyllic West Auckland life has recently been invaded by a truck that has no use due to its extreme level of disrepair, take heed! You can turn this misfortune around and get some cash at the same time. By selling it to us! Call us at [mkt-phone] OR [mkt-mobile] OR fill out the form on our website.

Truck Removal Onehunga

The good folk of Onehunga can breathe a sigh of relief because we have not forgotten them. We have a service depot in Onehunga as well. Anyone with a scrap truck now has the option of selling it fast and for top cash!

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