How it Works?

“Quick, Easy and Free Truck Valuation”

Anyone who has ever gone through the struggle of selling a truck will agree that it requires a lot of effort and patience. You certainly can’t expect for it to be sold as fast as possible. So many tasks need to be completed first. And even then, the fastest you can expect to sell, it will be at least a week. If the truck is broken down to the point where it can be classified as a junk vehicle, selling on the private market will be nearly impossible.

That is where we come in. Here at King Auto Commercials, we buy the trucks that no-one wants anymore. We buy trucks that people want to sell as quickly as possible. If you need some cash by tomorrow, selling your truck to us will get you that money within that space of time. The best thing is that the whole process can be best described as quick and easy!

To illustrate this fact here is a step by step run down:

Acquire a Cash Quote from Us

It couldn’t be easier to receive a fast, accurate and bountiful appraisal of your truck’s value. You can kick the process of by getting in touch with us. The result of this simple action will be a free, no obligation quote which you can then use to decide whether to sell your truck to us or not.

We have a 0800 phone number that you are welcome to call if you want. It is [mkt-phone] OR [mkt-mobile]. If you have lost your phone, don’t despair. You can also contact us online! Our website’s main page has a quote request form located on it. Either way, we will love to know some things about your truck to make it easier for us to arrive at a price offer.

Tell us the VIN number, as well as how old the truck is. Don’t forget that we need to know what condition the truck is in, as this will also impact the value. On top of that, tell us the make and model and in short order we will get back in touch with you with your precious free quote!

How We Conduct the Vehicle Assessment Process

So, you have gotten your free quote. Don’t get off the phone just yet. We need to sort out a time and a place for us to come over and have a closer inspection of the truck in question. Upon closer scrutiny in person, we will most likely update our offer to be more accurate and generous. If it is a scrap vehicle, we will not reject it. We buy junk automobiles all the time, so this will not serve as any kind of obstacle.

Providing our customers with an experience that is convenient, hassle free, and monetarily rewarding is our main aim. Nothing is more important to us than the smile on a customer’s face after they have been paid maximum dollars for their old truck. It is what motivates us all to get out of our respective beds every morning. Part of this mission is our dedication to matching any offer you may have had that exceeds our original one. If one of our competitors gives you a higher quote, tell us. We will match it in a heartbeat.

Free Removal after Instant Cash Payment

We have found that the most effective way to make a customer satisfied is to pay them the most that their car can possibly be valued at. However, that effort would be undone if we also made them pay money for anything, such as a tow truck. Just as bad is paying less money to make up for the costs. Sure, other truck removal companies do this, but we don’t.

Instead, we have a fleet of truck removal equipment on hand to dispatch whenever someone sells us a truck. They will use their extreme expertise to remove the truck in question at no extra charge to you. You won’t experience any inconvenience throughout the whole process. We are proud to provide this duty to anyone of the good folk of the North Island. This includes the Coromandel, Waikato, Northland, Bay of Plenty, and, of course, Auckland.

We Will Buy any Truck Make, Model or Condition

A junk vehicle of the truck variety will be in bad condition, just due to the fact that it is a junk vehicle. This won’t mean that it is of no value, and you will still get good cash for it. WE will also buy trucks that are any make or model as well. 4×4’s and the Utes are welcome. So contact us and get great cash for your useless truck!

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