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No-one can blame a person for being upset if their Isuzu truck has kicked the bucket. That truck provided its owner with years of solid work and now it is useless. However, it is a mistake to then start assuming that it is also worthless. That Isuzu truck will still be worth some dollars, and all you have to do to get those dollars is by selling it to us here at

How much is your commercial truck worth?

When it comes to buying old and useless automobiles of the truck variety, no-one comes close to King Auto Commercials. Try and find another company that specializes in wrecking vehicles that pay a maximum of $15’000. On top of that, you can expect to spend very little time involved in the scrap truck selling process. You can expect it to all be over, from the moment you contact us to the moment you get paid, in under a day. You can call 0800 70 70 99, or find the prominently placed instant quote form to fill out on our website. Our Truck Wreckers are looking forward to hearing from you!

Free Isuzu Truck Removals NZ

Wondering who buys junk semi-trucks? When looking for a salvage truck buyer to sell your junk automobile to, do you want them to provide you with a removal service? Of course, you do.

NZ Wide Free Truck removal service including Northland, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, and rest of South Island.

Otherwise, you will have to pay money for a towing company, and that will cost you, compromising the money you stand to get paid. Fortunately, we won’t make you do that. We have truck removal trucks that will do the job, and we won’t charge you in any way, shape, or form. This is an entirely free service!

Isuzu Dismantlers Wreck All Models

You won’t have to concern yourself with looking for a Cash for Truck Company who will buy your specific model of Isuzu. So it doesn’t matter what type of Isuzu truck you have. We will always be willing to pay you top cash for it. We buy them all, including

  • Isuzu mu
  • Reach
  • Giga
  • H Series
  • Gala
  • Journey
  • Erga
  • Elf
  • D-Max
  • Isuzu i-Series
  • Trooper
  • Wizard
  • Ascender
  • Isuzu TF
  • Hombre
  • Oasis
  • Axiom
  • Rodeo
  • Forward.

We will not reject your Isuzu for any other reason either. We are a scrap truck wrecking company. The trucks we wreck are bought from folk like you, and they are all in scrap condition. Scrap condition is generally considered to be the worst condition a truck can be in. So, if your truck was in a flood and subsequently has severe water damage, we will buy it. If it has been in a terrible crash, we will buy it.

Commercial Isuzu Truck Parts NZ

At King Auto Commercial, we dismantle Isuzu truck parts and accessories and sell them at reasonable prices. Feel free to inquire if you are looking for Isuzu Wizard or MU parts that are in the most demand at the moment.

Get a Free Quote for your Scrap Commercial Isuzu Truck Today

When you decide that you want nothing but the best deal for your scrap Isuzu truck, call us at the above number. Or fill out the form. Tell us the Isuzu’s model, age, and condition. This is important for us as it helps us to learn how much money the truck will be worth. We will make an offer via a free quote as fast as possible. Then, we will come over and pay you top cash on the spot!

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